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Chinese New Year: 10 restaurants to celebrate in


03 February

Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year

Did you know that the Chinese New Year is celebrated across Asia on the 2nd New Moon following the Winter Solstice? Tuesday, February 1st is when we can celebrate the Spring Festival or 春节 (chūnjié)! It’s also the most important festival of the year with several traditions, including cleaning up for good luck and returning to your native village for the 2-week holiday (until the full moon)!


All East Asian countries have their own traditions and even a different name, called Têt in Vietnam or Seollal in Korea for example. However, the Tibetan New Year, or Losar Festival, is celebrated on March 3 because it uses a different calendar.


Quartier latin’s best joints for Asian food

Fortunately, Asian restaurants in the Quartier latin will be open during this period to delight us with their dishes and culinary traditions.

Bonus: We dare you to ask them how they celebrate and if they have any special dishes for this time of year?

All restaurants are open for takeout or delivery. Dining rooms open on Monday February 1st with vaccination passport and identity cards. Opening hours to be checked with each place.


Chinese restaurants and cafés

Beijing Dumpling, 1723 Saint-Denis

Oplante (formerly Yuan), 2115 Saint-Denis

Chatime, 1661 Saint-Denis 


East-Asian restaurants

Chez GaTsé (tibetan), 317 Ontario

SO Qun Fusion (Asian fusion), 1587 Saint-Denis 

Laon (korean), 1657 Saint-Denis 

VUA (vietnamese), 1579 Saint-Denis 

Mia Thai Cuisine (thai), 1743 Saint-Denis

THAI EXPRESS, 1581 Saint-Denis

Taiyo Sushi (japanese) 1709 Saint-Denis

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