Our organization

La Société de développement commerciale (SDC) is a non-profit organization comprised of 185 business members located on Saint-Denis Street between Sherbrooke and Sainte-Catherine, on Ontario and Maisonneuve Streets between Sanguinet and Berri, and on Emery Street between Sanguinet and Saint-Denis.

It plays an important role in the commercial and cultural development of the Quartier Latin, an iconic strip of Montreal.


To contribute, through our initiatives, to promote the commercial and cultural development of the Quartier Latin by creating a clean, safe, unique, distinctive and entertaining environment for its members, residents and clients.


Revitalize the Quartier Latin and make it a destination sought after for its unique color, where Francophone identity, student creativity and ecological commitment bring out a warm, authentic cultural experience on a human scale.



To establish bridges and harmonious synergies by putting people at the heart of each of our actions in order to foster an open environment conducive to a collective future.


Build on the contribution of our neighborhood's institutions, the arts, culture and our business mix by implementing innovative and participatory approaches to make our neighborhood a "laboratory" for society.


To create lasting ties with our members and Montrealers in order to stimulate a sense of belonging to the Quartier Latin.


Cultivate our roots to help the Quartier Latin evolve by ensuring its fundamental and unique status as the main home of Montreal's Francophone culture and knowledge.

Our fields of action

The SDC carries out structuring projects in various fields of action in order to stimulate the economic and cultural development of our territory and to reinforce our reputation.

  • The SDC is working on repositioning the image of the Quartier Latin: new visual identity, new promotional tools, major advertising campaign on the Quartier;
  • The SDC promotes the businesses that make up its territory through advertising campaigns, contests, social networks and commercial offers;
  • The SDC organizes and promotes cultural and commercial events on its territory.
  • Offer a pleasant visit to users by beautifying the territory through greening projects
  • Keep our territory clean and safe with our cleaning program and receptionists;
  • Deployment of seasonal arrangement: summer arrangement and illumination of the territory in winter.
  • The SDC is the first resource for information and support for entrepreneurs who wish to establish themselves on our territory;
  • The SDC provides you with support in your entrepreneurial endeavors: request for terrace permits, signs, grant applications, etc;
  • The SDC gives you access to training and coaching to develop your business through a partnership with Détail Formation;
  • The SDC offers you increased visibility on its platforms (social networks and website) and various advertising and promotional campaigns;
  • The SDC offers you the opportunity to go out on the street with a kiosk during several events per year.
  • The SDC intervenes to stimulate the leasing of vacant space;
  • The SDC conducts studies to analyze the territory;
  • The SDC assists the borough in the management and enhancement of the public domain and regulatory changes;
  • The SDC represents the issues of its merchants to the various levels of government to ensure that their interests are respected;
  • The SDC is building and strengthening partnerships to stimulate the revival of the Quartier Latin;
  • The SDC is active in various associations, groups and chambers of commerce to promote its territory and defend its interests.

Our team

The SDC team is composed of young, dedicated and motivated professionals. They have a common vision: to make the Quartier Latin and its merchants shine.

Their role is to make you live the Quartier Latin experience at its best by setting up events and embellishing the area while creating a unique feeling of belonging.



As the head of the SDC, Franck leads various projects for the commercial development of Quartier Latin. He is the contact person for partnership and economic development.



Mathieu supports the management in many projects. He is always listening to the members and is proactive about their needs in order to offer real support to the merchants. He is the contact person for questions from the general public and members.



Under her direction, Laurence coordinates several communications projects and develops marketing strategies to promote the Quartier Latin and its merchants. She is the contact person for media partnerships, communication tools and social networks.



Sundeep has been with the SDC since 2009. He is the contact person for the maintenance of the territory in terms of cleanliness and security.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of experts from various sectors representing the Quartier: restaurants, culture, entertainment, bars, communications, etc. The members of the Board of Directors join forces to develop strategies to promote the Quartier as a whole.


  • Patrice Ansay | Explorateur Voyages – President
  • Josée-Anne Martin | Café Hookah Lounge – Vice President
  • Guylaine Duchesne  | Resto Végo – Secretary-Treasurer
  • Daniel Pilon | Théâtre St-Denis – administrator
  • Michel Lavallée | Pub l’Île Noire – administrator
  • Martine Daigneault | Psy Bar – administrator
  • Georges Kasserwani  | UQÀM – administrator
  • Jean-luc L’archevêque | City of Montreal
  • Marie-Pierre Gadoua | BAnQ – administrator

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