Bubble tea

Tea 18 Montreal

Tea 18, the new place for your personalized bubble tea

Tea 18 believe they can bring you sweetness and freshness every day through milk tea!

They have 17 indulgent specialties including Pumpkin and Oreo, coconut pudding, avocado smoothie, strawberry mousse and more.

You can choose your milk (fresh or oats or only tea without milk), the amount of sugar, ice and topping (tapioca, lychee jellies, grass jelly, taro, aloes and more).

They have classic milk teas, brown sugar lattes, fruit teas, slush, smoothies, matcha and even vegan pearls in collaboration with OPlante.


Check out their takeout menu or for delivery!

Friday and Saturday
11.30 am yo 8.30 pm
4 pm to 9 pm
Monday to Thursday
Le Quartier Latin

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